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Executive Search

World Jobs Placement believes in Pure Executive Search principles with services varying from full, bespoke managed agency to retained searches and more. Our commitment to candidates and clients remains imperative throughout and our ethos on building relationships is entrenched into our business model. We believe that our experience is second to none.

Our executive search consultants combine their recruitment knowledge, search skills, proven headhunting & selection methodologies with knowledge & experience of the respective industry to deliver a truly value added service. This approach ensures Human Resources Managers, Line & Hiring Managers and our Candidates all deal with specialists who know the talent market, the top performers in it and importantly, understand the client’s business.

We have provided talent to our clients from CEO to mid-level executives across most functional areas and gained accelerated growth year over year in terms of value, number of clients & quality of candidates.

Our Executive Search Consultants drive client relationships by delivering a service that’s transparent, thorough and timely.

Employee Outsourcing

Employee Outsourcing can be a cost effective alternative to the expense and administrative burden of a traditional employer-employee relationship. Outsourcing human resource functions allows our clients to focus on business development.

Less paperwork and more time
– Relief from the burden of employment administration.
– A wide range of personnel management solutions through a team of professionals.
– Improved employment practices.
– Access to a comprehensive employee benefits package, allowing clients to be competitive in the job market.
– Assistance to improve productivity and profitability.


How it works:
World Jobs Placement  provides employers with 40 or more employees a comprehensive Human Resources outsourcing solution that helps reduce the costs and complexities related to employment and human resources management. Our integrated services enable employers to deal with the costs, complexities, and administrative burdens of human resources and employment management.


Pre-Employment Screening:

t is no secret that poor hires cost businesses hundreds of thousands of rupees every year. Unfortunately, very few companies do an adequate job of background and reference checking.

This process being a very extensive exercise can be highly time consuming, plus many companies do not want to conduct this exercise directly as it entails dealing with many government and administrative agencies. Outsourcing gives the company the opportunity to focus on their core operations rather than spending management time on non-operational issues.
Consider some of the costs associated with making bad hiring decisions…

Lost productivity
Staff turnover
Drug or alcohol abuse
Unfavorable publicity
Legal & administrative expense

Verification of Educational Qualifications


We are approve by The Customer Service Institute of America.


From UGC, Institutes, University, HEC and International Degree Verification.

We objectively gather information to validate your impressions gained during the interview process, distinguish work/behavioral patterns, and corroborate or refute information from other sources.

Most employers, search firm associates and human resource personnel have already made a decision to hire a candidate before checking references. Reference and background checks are used as a confirming formality. Our interviewers have never met your company’s job applicants and therefore we offer a non-biased assessment.

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